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In Path of Exile, when a character dies, that character may incur a death penalty. The nature of the penalty depends on the difficulty and league in which the character is playing.

Types of penalties[edit]

Standard leagues
Upon character death in NORMAL, the character suffers a loss of NOTHING. Upon character death in cruel, the character suffers a loss of 5% EXPERIENCE.Upon character death in merciless, the character suffers a loss of 10% EXPERIENCE.
Hardcore leagues
Death in a hardcore league causes that character to be removed from that league permanently. The character, and all items they are carrying are transferred to its parent league, Standard.
Cut-throat leagues
In addition to the standard league's experience penalty, characters who die in a Cut-throat league will drop all of their items, leaving them open for taking by other players.

Leagues with multiple types[edit]

When a league has more than one type, the character will suffer the penalty from all of that league's types. For example, a character who dies in a Hardcore, Cut-throat league will lose experience, drop all their items, and be permanently removed from the league.