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Path of Exile is an upcoming multiplayer online action RPG currently in the alpha phase of development by Grinding Gear Games. Path of Exile will be entirely free to play, supported by a shop where players to purchase cosmetic upgrades such as character name changes and item skins. Grinding Gear Games have stated they are committed to not selling anything that gives players a gameplay advantage.

Inspired by Diablo and similar games, Path of Exile has a dark fantasy setting, and focuses mainly on realtime fast paced combat.

Combat is Path of Exile is based heavily on the use of skills and positioning. Along with facing hordes of monsters, players can engage in Player vs Player combat - both in dedicated arenas, and in the main game world.

Randomly generated[edit]

Much of the content in Path of Exile is randomly generated. Explorable areas, monsters, loot, and item properties are all random, ensuring replayability.

Skill system[edit]

Along with passive skills, which are chosen by assigning points in a fairly traditional skill tree, active skills come in the form of skill gems. Skill gems are can be found or traded like any other item, and only grant use of the active skill once socketed in a piece of equipment. Similar to skill gems, support gems do not grant skills themselves, but instead modify the effects of skill gems. Read more about skills here.


Most areas in Path of Exile will be instanced, with the exception of towns. Each instance will have a maximum player limit of around four to eight players. In most leagues, instances will be private, but shared among party members. In certain leagues all instances will be public, although the maximum player limit will still be respected.