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Quality is an item property that modifies the basic statistics of a weapon or piece of armour.


A weapon with +15% quality, which increases its damage

Any weapon or armor piece can receive a quality modifier, regardless of that item's rarity. It can have a value of between 0% and +20%, although if the value is 0% the quality is not listed since it has no effect. Quality is separate from magical affixes, and is grouped with the item's normal stats.

On weapons, quality increases the base damage of the item.
On armour, quality increases the item's armour, evasion, and energy shield.

Changing an item's quality[edit]

There are two consumable items that can change an item's quality. Whetstones increase the quality of a weapon by a few percent, while Armour Shards increase the quality of a piece of armour. These consumables cannot raise an item's quality higher than 20%.