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Four levels of item rarity will be included in Path of Exile.

Normal (grey text)
Normal item tooltip.png
Normal items are the most common. Along with the basic item properties, they can appear with a random arrangement of gem sockets, and a quality modifier.
Magic (blue text)
Magic item tooltip.png
In addition to sockets and quality, magic items can have up two affixes (one prefix and one suffix).
Rare (yellow text)
Rare item tooltip.png
Rare items drop very infrequently and are very powerful. They are similar to magic items, although they can have up to six affixes. A special name is randomly generated, independent of the affixes.
Unique (orange text)
Unique item tooltip.png
Unlike all the other items which are generated randomly by the game, unique items are specifically designed by the developers. These items are distinguished by a unique name and a unique set of modifications that are always the same. The bonuses given by each modification may vary within a set range from one copy of the item to the next but the modifications themselves do not. Unique items are roughly as powerful as rare items and drop extremely rarely. Unique items may also include a small amount of flavor text below their statistics.