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Reanimated skeletons can carry an assortment of weapons and equipment or simply attack with their bare hands. The lack of flesh makes them highly resistant to slashing and piercing weapons such as swords, spears, and arrows. Bludgeoning weapons will yield more favorable results.


  • Skeleton
  • Prison Skeleton


The dark necromancy infusing Wraeclast gives no respite to its countless dead. In the still of midnight or in the bright light of day, the bodies of the fallen walk with frenetic animation. In life, many of them wore armor and brandished weapons, so expect skeletons you encounter to come armed and adorned. They are not discerning in their choice of gear however, a skeleton is content with a broken mace or a rusted sword. As long as it can cut or crush, they like it.

Wraeclast's skeletons are not particularly tough or threatening, but they are fairly difficult to injure with some types of weaponry. Archers or swordsmen may find themselves frustrated, watching their blows slide off hard bone or their arrows whistle harmlessly through. If you are beset by skeletons, splinter their bones with a bludgeoning weapon, and you'll likely live another day.