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Skill charges are represented in Path of Exile by orbs of energy that orbit around the player. These charges can be expended to increase the power of skills significantly.

Skill charges can be accumulated through a number of different methods. Generally this involves killing or damaging an enemy while using particular skills. Equipment and passive skills can also grant skill charges when certain conditions are met.

Various skills can be augmented by expending skill charges. For each skill charge used, the skill will become considerably more powerful. In addition, each skill charge a player has will passively grant bonuses to the player.

A player can accumulate up to five skill charges of each type at a single time. Various passive skills and equipment bonuses can increase this number even more.

Skill charges will dissipate after a certain amount of time if the player does not continue to gain new ones.

Types of Skill Charges[edit]

There are three types of skill charges that align with each of the three main attributes.

Endurance Charges

Endurance charges are aligned with the strength attribute and are represented by red orbs. Passively, each orb grants the player physical damage reduction.

Frenzy Charges

Frenzy charges are aligned with the dexterity attribute and are represented by green orbs. Passively, each orb grants the player increased attack speed.

Power Charges

Power charges are aligned with the intelligence attribute and are represented by blue orbs. Passively, each orb increases the power of spells that the player casts.

A Marauder accumulating Endurance Charges
A Duelist accumulating Frenzy Charges
A Witch accumulating Power Charges